What is Bokashi? It's a compost bin that works through fermentation. Unlike other compost systems it can compost the following: – Fruits – Veggies – Meat – Dairy – Mystery leftovers – Cardboard – Paper and much more. ...

DIY Bokashi Compost Bin

You can create a two part system, one under your kitchen sink and a larger one in your yard to transfer it to.

For your kitchen, the simplest method is to use a punch dispenser with a spigot. Add your compostables and cover in a layer of bokashi medium. Every once in a while drain off the liquid through the spigot and dilute with water for a potent fertilizer.

For an outdoor bin, you can use a plastic container (though I don't personally recommend them), or diy a wooden bin with a sealable lid. Whatever you use, make sure it has holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

DIY Bokashi Starter

  1. Create the lactobacillus bacteria. ½ cup rice 1 cup water Mix vigorously, drain. Leave in a dark space for 5-8 days. Then pour into a larger jar and add 10 parts milk. Allow to ferment for two weeks, then strain.

  2. Innoculate your medium. You can use newspaper or wheat bran from an animal feed store. Use 1 part lactobacillus, 1 part molasses, and 6 parts water. You can freeze this serum for later batches.

Soak the medium and drain well. Put into an airtight container two weeks.

After two weeks you can use your medium in your bokashi compost.