static tuning in...

Land based ‘Terraphytes’ blooming at night and secreting a sticky concoction to attract lantern bugs, ash borers, and other invasive species. Plants that drastically reduce heavy metals and radiation, remediating the soil and air within a single growing period. Plants that produce all the minerals the human body requires in a day and can be used as a spice on top of food. Plants that produce light for our homes and medicine for our bodies. Mosses that produces red bioluminescence to warn of toxic environments. Plants that break down plastics left in the soil and neutralize their effects. Plants that absorb air pollution. Carnivorous plants that attract fleas and ticks. … The list could go on. What do you want to see in the future?

Jellyfish auroras in a desert sky with a few people walking underneath in the sand.

They walked farther than anyone had before through the desert. Past the shifting sands, past the point of no return where stars and sand confuse the mind and they saw things no one else had dared to see. Was it the aurora and the static they heard? Or the song of primordial beings in the deep? They didn’t care anymore. … They had decided to become the keepers of the deep and began to build their city below the beings that hovered just out of reach.

gif of dark water with a purple gleam

In a lunarpunk world, water takes many forms. It’s a mysterious element that can appear like a solid black shadow, tricking your perceptions into falling into it’s depths. It can flow rapidly and reflect back the ultraviolet hue of the atmosphere. Or it can glow or be lit from within through bioluminescence. Whatever form it takes however, one must always be aware that the depths are an illusion and it’s all too easy to mistake it for solid ground. Be wary traveler lest the waters claim you…

gif of meteors in purple

Falling stars shoot across the night sky... Watch closely for the auroras that appear like radio static high above your head. What does it mean? What causes their unusual appearance and behavior? If you listen closely do you hear the static? The magnetosphere is putting on a show. Let’s hope it’s not at our expense. ...

gif of a dark planet with electric blue flames

“If we can identify another Earth-like planet, it comes full circle, from thinking that everything revolves around our planet to knowing that there are lots of other Earths out there.” -Sara Seager, professor of planetary science and physics at MIT

Did you know, not all stars produce the yellow light we’ve come to know from our sun? Blue supergiant stars exist and if a blue supergiant never rose above the horizon of a planet and we add in Rayleigh scattering? You get a low light planet with purple skies. Lunarpunk worlds could and most likely are real somewhere out there in the vastness of space.

(via lematworks)

Purple hued forest covered in snow

The darkness of a Lunarpunk world changes when it snows. Shadows collapse in upon themselves and disappear, things that were once invisible to the naked eye take form and shape. Travel is easier, depending on how much snow has fallen. The creatures that stalk you in the shadows have less places to hide. You have a better chance at survival out here on your own. But don’t be deceived. … The snow holds it’s own secrets.

Milk Tea / NegNog:

1 earl grey tea back steeped with crushed peppermint leaves Vanilla creamer or Vanilla Milk or almond milk Stevia Water Ice

Add ingredients to blender. Strain out peppermint leaves and blend. Serve cold for a refreshing iced milk tea or add nutmeg and heat to make an eggless eggnog.

Person cry golden tears

Image Credit: rhubarbes | Golden tears on Behance by Mat Szulik

There were whispers… some say they made a deal with the devil. Some say they were Midas reincarnated. But neither was true, they were Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and saw it’s brilliance. Now they’re condemned to our ultraviolet existence where the sun never rises. They never open their eyes but they haven’t lost as cards yet. …

If you see them, don’t be deceived. If you find yourself in need of their guidance or direction. … Heaven help you. Sometimes the blind see more than they let on. … Sometimes they’re the only ones who aren’t lost. …


Gif of ultraviolet particles on a black baground Gif by: dualvoidanima

Dust and sand light up the Lunarpunk landscape at night making navigation by the stars haphazard at best. When you can’t distinguish constellations from the glistening falling particles it’s time to stop lest you become lost to the desert. … Make camp quickly, a sandstorm could be looming just over the next dune.


Gif of two people lost in ultraviolet space Gif by: dualvoidanima

In a Lunarpunk world filled with darkness and a strange eerie ultraviolet glow. What changes in perception are there in regards to landscape? Is it easier to get lost? Do depths and heights become confused? Do you find yourself reaching out only to grasp at nothingness? Do compasses work? Do you find yourself walking in circles? How does shadow effect your perceptions of water and its depths? Are you forced to navigate by starlight?